Notes from Charlottesville

This Sunday’s New York Times front page gives a sad glimpse of the terror and despair that is rising in the United States. A father deported to Mexico, and a mother who has decided to leave her home here and bring her son with her to Mexico, where they can be reunited and live without fear. An anti-racist/pro-equality protestor killed by a weaponized car, in the aftermath of a KKK rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. This is the tone of “justice” promoted by the “Make America Great Again” White House. Without direct intervention from people in decision-making positions–and from the grassroots mobilizations below– these events shift our mindset toward crisis, fear, and survival, rather than toward any larger, collective goals.

As a counterbalance to the despair, I want to share this post by Quaker peace activist/journalist/publisher Helena Cobban, director of Just World Educational and Just World Books.

Charlottesville confronting white supremacy and hate

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