Antiwar Symposium

For three days at the end of April 2016, The People Make the Peace became a focal point for a set of one-on-one conversation and discussions between among Vietnam antiwar activists, war veterans, Southeast Asian American artists/activists, and college students. The events took place at Macalester College and also at the East Side Freedom Library.

Ron Staff wrote a fascinating commentary about the events on page 8 and 9 of the Summer 2016 newsletter of the Veterans for Peace (Chapter 27).

Rennie Davis
Rennie Davis signs the book.
Judy Gumbo speaks
Judy Gumbo speaks, while Rennie Davis and Frank Joyce look on.
Sam Doten, Macalester student (now graduate) and me
Sam Doten, then a senior at Macalester, and Karin.
People Make the Peace (with Macalester students)
People Make the Peace contributors with Macalester students.
Tou SaiKo Lee, Hmong spoken word artist at the East Side Freedom Library (with my parents in the front row!)
Tou SaiKo Lee, Hmong spoken word artist, performs at the East Side Freedom Library.

The Star Tribune wrote about it before it happened.

Here’s a brief write-up afterward in the Spring 2016 Macalester alumni bulletin. Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 1.45.57 AM